Emtech at AGRO-EXPO - combine harvesters

Emtech at AGRO-EXPO - combine harvesters


The transport of unusual, large-size agricultural machinery and equipment is a real challenge. Necessary equipment is necessary, which can cope even in the most unfriendly conditions. It does not matter if it will be a sharp bend, large dimensions of the machine or the type of ground on which we move - paved road, gravel or dirt road.

Emtech has "tailor-made" vehicles that will deliver your equipment to every place and ensure quick and easy unloading so that you will not lose a second of precious time!

In the July issue of AGRO-EXPO, an article describing specialized vehicles of the Emtech brand dedicated to the transport of combine harvesters and agricultural machinery was published.

The article is available at http://www.truck.pl/agro-expo/56

We invite you to read.

Emtech at AGRO-EXPO - combine harvesters



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